Free Salt!

If you are pleased with your equipment and our services, please leave us a comment and you will receive 2 FREE bags of salt!

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  • John Martin says:

    The new system you put in greatly eceeded our expectations. The charcoal filter is great.

  • Kandall Swedberg says:

    Love our Clean Water! Installed promptly. Set up appropriately for our water consumption.

    • Shirley says:

      Kandall & Pam,
      Just wanted to let you know we got our site repaired. Also, wanted to thank you both for choosing us for your water treatment needs.

      Thank you for leaving us a great review.


  • John Jones says:

    Great system, fantastic service.

  • Jaye Peterson says:

    We had an older system that did not filter out the iron very well and our water pressure was horrible.
    Called Mike and he gave me a same day quote and had the system changed out the following day. Fast and professional install. Customer support has been fantastic.
    We had an issue with a rotten egg smell in some of the less used faucets. After shocking the well all odor is gone.
    Our water is clean, clear and the water pressure is fantastic! I wish we had changed the system when we first moved into the house.

  • Larry Johnson says:

    Nice install of what is a good product. H20 Pro has been working with me for over a year before selling and installing my new softener.

  • Sherry E says:

    Great water softener and great customer service. Mike and his son are very professional, friendly and knowledgeable. Install of my Hellenbrand Promate 6.0 Water Conditioner was flawless. what a difference in my water quality. I love this system! I would highly recommend Alaska’s H2O Pros!

    Thanks Mike

  • Sherry says:

    Great Water System and outstanding professional customer service from Alaska’s H2O Pros! I love my Hellenbrand Promate 6.0 Water Conditioner. what an amazing difference in my water quality. Mike and his son installed my water system, and it was truly a pleasure to do business with two professional,friendly, and knowledgeable people. I would highly recommend Buying from Alask’s H2O Pros.

    Thank you Mike

  • Scott Wallace says:

    We’ve had our new water system for a few months now and are totally happy with it. The rust has disappeared. We notice a difference in our laundry and showers. There is no longer an odor in our water. We are very satisfied! Thanks Mike!

  • G.S. says:

    Great product and service. Punctual, knowledgeable and friendly!

    • Shirley says:

      Thank you for taking time out of your day to leave us a great review; much appreciated. Stop by during office hours to pick-up your 2 free bags of salt!

      Alaska’s H2O Pros

  • corey downs says:

    I was in a rush to get out of town and Mike came out in one days notice. I no longer have rusty looking water & it Taste great!

  • The Place Motel Bar & Grill says:

    Dealing with Alaska’s H2O Pros was easy & fast. The softener was installed correctly the first time and has been working faultlessly. the dual tanks work much better than the single tank system we previsouly had. No more brown or smelly water and for our small motel that is huge.

  • Zack says:

    I recently had a Hellenbrand water softener installed by Alaska’s H20 Pros and was very pleased with my experience. Not only was the customer service excellent, my water issues are now solved thanks to my new filtration system. Mike was very professional and knowledgeable and I would highly recommend them to anyone interested in getting a water softener.

  • Dave says:

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  • Dan Musgrove says:

    Recently Mike and his son did a new install for us , they were on time and very professional . We are very pleased with the system and the customer service . We are repeat customers as well as sending others to check with them

    Thanks again

    • Shirley says:

      Thank you for taking time out of day to give us a great review. Much appreciated!
      Drop by Monday – Saturday (9a-5p)to pickup your salt.

      Shirley Jones, Office Manager
      Alaska’s H2O Pros, LLC

  • Steve Stuart says:

    Excellent customer service, and outstanding customer support!! Our water is clear and wonderful now. The H2O Pro Team were efficient and professional. We would definitely recommend them

    • Shirley says:

      Thank you for rating our company! Yes, excellent customer service has always been our goal and great to know when it’s appreciated.

      Please make sure to stop by and pick-up 4 free bags of salt.

      Mike Polocz
      Alaska’s H2O Pros, LLC

  • Steve Scott says:

    Mike installed a great system to take care of our rusty smelly water. The other system was over 30 yrs old. We also had him install a water purification filter system on the kitchen sink for a better tasting water. The whole system has not only fixed our rust problems but the drinking water filter has helped greatly in the taste & smell of the water. It only took him 1 1/2 hours to do the entire job, including disposing of our old system. It was a very clean installation and looks beautiful and we are very satisfied with the results. FYI his bid was half of what his competitor bid!

  • Ruben Foster says:

    We recently purchased a new home that had a high sulfur (rotten egg) smell long with other issues (iron and tannins-discolored water). Mike came out and installed a water softener, carbon filter and reverse osmosis system and we are very pleased with his service and products! Installation went off without a hitch and he attached the reverse osmosis to both the refrigerator and sink and it was easy to see he knew what he was doing. We have terrific pressure and the water tastes great. Not to mention we never run out of water. The softener and carbon filter eliminated all of the smell in the water as well! Mike knows the peninsula when it comes to treating different water issues and we recommend his business to anyone experiencing the same!

    Excellent products and service from an established and reputable business!

    • Diane Keeley says:

      We recently needed a water filter put in due to arsenic issues. Mike came out even though it was freezing and his heat had gone out on his truck. He knew we were under a time crunch and went above and beyond helping us to meet our needs. We would recommend him to anyone!! 🙂 Thanks Mike

  • Amber says:

    Mike installed a new water softener system for us a few months back and was very professional and installation was quick and clean. Other system was completely outdated and very filthy and he removed it all and looks so much better. Water quality much better too!!

  • Glenn Chandler says:

    Excellent service, Quick clean installation. And best of all….. clean water!! Cant recommend them highly enough, best customer service in town.

  • Steve says:

    Mikes customer service on H2O installed softener is second to none! Great for the out of state cabin owners who want dependable start up and shut down each year, and peace of mind……. he’s just a phone call away if there are any issues..Great tasting water!

  • Amanda Walker says:

    We recently bought a new home with a water softener system. After having Mike come out and check it out we found out the system that was in the house was actually discontinued and no longer working properly. Mike was quick to get a new system installed and at a great price! Customer service was phenomenal and we had our new system up and running within 3 days of him initialing coming out to the house!! Thank you for a smooth and easy transaction!

  • Rebecca Hinsberger says:

    I am so glad to have iron free soft clean water again. The new Hellenbrand system works great. I got my new system at a very good price and promptly, too.



    We chose to go with Mike for a water softener and treatment set up. His analysis, estimate and installation were very professional and timely. Working with Amanda in his office was a joy. Great job and we appreciate the difference in our water!

  • Bob & Jill Shimko Sr landlords for 24987 Kiktoya Soldotna.......tennant Lee Martin says:

    Talked with Lee, she is very happy and relieved to have clean, clear good tasting water. We are very pleased with the service, Mike for being super prompt and caring and Amanda in the office – precise and good hearted.
    Bob & Jill Shimko Sr and Lee Martin

  • Jessie Arthur says:

    GREAT SERVICE. We had our water tested and new system installed the next day! Mike was great! We are loving our new system and the ability to own white clothes! Our water today is great! The sand is gone also!

  • Doneva Baker says:

    I have had a Sears system for a long time, my appliances and fixtures were stained. The new H2O Pro system has cleared up the rust, the smell, and the stains!! Thank you so much.

  • Mary Mundell says:

    We had such a bad time with our Kinetico system and we are now so happy with the new system Mike put in. Beautiful water good taste and clean no more iron build up to clean off. Thanks for the great service and great water.


    The new water softener is great, our water is 100% better. Mike did a great job with the installation, very quick and professional. Thanks Mike.
    Christine & Brent

  • Jane kincaid says:

    Water is great now it no longer stains my showers! They were prompt and perfetional. I will definitely use H2O pros again! Thank you

  • Jane Kincaid says:

    Our water is great now. My shower no longer turns yellow. They are prompt and professional. Would definitely use H2O pros again. Thank you so much! (Sterling)

  • Jerry Blackson says:

    Water is now great due to water softener. Drinking water system works and tastes great after arsenic filtration system.

    • Rita Lindow says:

      We recommend Mike to our plumbing & heating customers, but this summer we needed his help, personally, when our softener died after 26 yrs. of service. Mike gave us a great deal on a new Hellenbrand ProMate 6.0 water softener and salt tank and did a fast, clean (he took off his shoes for my blonde carpet) and professional job. He definitely knows his stuff.

  • Sandi Schiff says:

    Our well water problems were getting worse over the last few years, iron and odor. We replaced our hot water heater and were thinking our water softener would be next when we heard about Alaska’s H2O Pros in Soldotna. We sent in water samples which came back with excess iron. After Mike explained his system we decided to spend the extra investment to get good, clean, clear water. His service was prompt (not your typical Alaska time!) and professional. We felt like we had someone who would take care of our whole water system. Thank-you Mike. Sandi (Seward)

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